Sunday Times readers on downloading

There’s a fascinating article in today’s Sunday Times newspaper about digital music: the paper asked its readers for their views on legal music, DRM, P2P and so on, and they’ve responded in large numbers. It’s interesting that of the replies, 99% of them are scathing about legal downloads and DRM.

The ST summarises the response:

£5.48 is the average price Doors readers say an album should cost to download — the current going price is typically £8

37% of you buy music downloads solely from legal services

54% remain hardened illegal file-sharers, despite the freely acknowledged failings of peer-to-peer networks

9% of respondents have tried both legal and illegal download services but have subsequently decided to use neither

44% have increased their offline music buying, mainly as a result of trying online before they buy

23% buy fewer physical CDs, because they sample music online but then decide not to buy