9 thoughts on “Nokia: all your iPods are belong to us

  1. David says:

    Unfortunately it is bloody ugly. According to reports from people who saw it on the telly – it’s a bit of a brick.

  2. Squander Two says:

    If Apple have any sense, they’ll release the iPod phone ASAP. Maybe do a deal with Sony-Erikson. Not because this Nokia is a threat (I don’t think it is), but because it is the first of a range of products that will, eventually, be a threat.

  3. Gary says:

    I’d buy one. A phone’s the perfect form factor for music, and it’s one less box to carry around.

  4. David says:

    The main thing is WMP10. Basically like WMP9 but you can fwd and rewind and it handles playlists. Oh, it’ll do MP3 ringtones too.

    New one is “imminent” according to orange. I’ve done the french one and it took a while to sort. Remember when updating it will wipe *everything* (other than the storage card)

  5. john says:

    how are you doing i saw your phon sale and i will like you to get abck to me with your last price

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