More rubbish T-shirts

This week’s b3ta newsletter brings tidings of yet another bad t-shirt shop: Christian Shirts. Some of the highlights – if you can call them that – in this car-crash of Comic Sans and bad clipart include:



But strangely, not:

9 replies on “More rubbish T-shirts”

I must say I quite like the “US Armed Forces World Tour” shirt, especially the “All future liberations cancelled” next to France’s name.

As for T-shirts with slogans, I always meant to get one of those “Mac OS X: I’ve upped my standards. Up yours.” shirts, but they seem to have disappeared…

(Confrontational? ME?)

>>Apart from “Help! I’m trapped in a T-shirt factory.” of course.

Wot! No “I’m with stupid”? How about “My mates went to Ibiza and all I got was this lousy T-shirt”? Classics everyone.

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