Microsoft spanks Sony, says SPOnG

There’s a fascinating conspiracy theory over at games site SPOnG. The site describes it as:

A conspiracy that sees a Microsoft masterstroke which cripples its key opponent, sees it take the moral high-ground and net around $15 million profit in the process.

The story centres on the current patent lawsuit against Sony, which came this >In doing this, Microsoft effectively made its settlement with Immersion a test case, a case that would then be used against Sony. What’s more, it put itself in a position to demand payments from Sony on all PlayStation hardware, peripherals and software sold, on an ongoing basis.

…Immersion, backed by Microsoft, will have the right to demand royalties from Sony on every single PlayStation product that makes use of DualShock, an astoundingly astute move resulting in a case that Sony simply must win.





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  1. Well, it’s not the first time Microsoft has co-operated with the plaintiffs in a dodgy intellectual property suit, I seem to recall they boosted the claims of SCO with a hefty bit of licensing cash…

  2. Forgot to say: went to our local Borders on Friday and a kid there was playing on a PlayStation Portable. Fantastic-looking bit of kit: if a friend is going to the States before June I might ask him to pick one up for me…

  3. Gary

    Yeah, they’re pretty nifty. It’ll be interesting to see how it fares in the long term as a video/music player…