Forget the funeral – bury my Powerbook

Squander Two talks about living wills, but while the prospect of being kept alive by machines is rather horrible, there’s an even more worrying issue here. If something bad happens to me, who’s going to cremate my computer?

It’s something Penn – of Penn & Teller fame – started thinking about when one of his friends died.

He had been in L.A. temporarily, and I was part of the team of sobbing friends who boxed his stuff to send back East. We puzzled over his laptop. Would there be flames that might be inappropriate for his family to read? Would he have wanted his girlfriend to go through all of his saved e-mail?

We didn’t worry too much. He was a brilliant, kind, sweet, thoughtful man, and although we didn’t look, I’m sure his computer contains no surprise pain for his loved ones.

But what about you? And if that doesn’t freak you out enough — what about me? Man, oh, man. Do you want everyone cursoring through your files when your alibi days are over? What about those last couple of gifs you downloaded? And if you don’t die as clean as my buddy, how would your “Favorites” list look on CourtTV?