Cold blade

MetaFilter is one of the best sites on the net: it’s home to some of the smartest people in the world (together with some of the most argumentative). This discussion about shaving came up with a handy tip: if like me, shaving leaves your neck looking like a horror film set in an abbatoir, use cold water to rinse the blade. It works!

5 thoughts on “Cold blade

  1. TonyK says:

    …We hear Caspar’s voice as we hear him getting out the back:

    Ya put the razor in cold water, not hot–’cause
    metal does what in cold?

    I dunno, Johnny.

    We hear the back door slam and Caspar appears in the front passenger window.

    ‘Ats what I’m tellin’ ya. It contracts. ‘At way you get a first class shave, ev’ry time.

    Okay, Johnny.

  2. Derek says:

    I tried that cold water thing this morning and it seems to have worked (for the moment).

    Right enough, my Monday morning shave is usually the closest and most cut-free because I’ve not shaved all weekend and use a new blade on a Monday.

    However, by the time it gets to Wednesday, I usually rip my face to bits (especially under my chin). We’ll see if the cold water thing helps as the week goes on.

    I guess using a new blade every time I shave might help, but I can’t afford to be buying that many blades. Does anyone use a new blade every time?

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