Blinking sites and other revelations

It’s been, ooh, at least a week since I blogged about Eels.

I’m not going to go on about how Blinking Lights and Other Revelations [amazon link] is a masterpiece – although it is – though; I want to talk about the band web site, as it’s a great example of how to use the internet properly.

On most bands’ web sites, you’ll find thinly disguised PR puffery; on the Eels site, things are a bit different. There are letters from fans with problems, such as the uncontrollable urge to take off their trousers whenever they hear Eels’ music; and there are also letters from former collaborators, which describe Mark “E” Everett as a “drug-addled schizo”, a “paranoid control freak with little-to-no people skills” and an “across-the-board prick” before spiralling into some serious abuse. This stuff ties in perfectly with Eels’ rather dark sense of humour, and it makes the site worth visiting even when the band isn’t up to anything.

In addition to all the daft stuff, there are lots of videos, previews of the new album, information about the various songs and so on; there’s also some clever use of the iTunes music store, which is currently offering digital versions of rare records such as live albums.

Oh, and buy the new album. It’s fantastic.