Ban Clarkson!

Road safety campaigners want to ban the BBC’s car programme, Top Gear, on the grounds that it encourages irresponsibility. As The Guardian reports:

Transport 2000, whose president is Michael Palin, claimed Top Gear promoted irresponsible driver behaviour and an obsession with big cars. It said the motoring series, one of BBC2’s most successful shows with up to 5 million viewers a week, should be replaced by a programme promoting “sensible driving in sensible vehicles”.

A programme promoting sensible driving in sensible vehicles. Great!





0 responses to “Ban Clarkson!”

  1. gusto

    That’s hilarious. “This week on First Gear we parallel park a Nissan Micra…” :D

  2. Gary

    I suspect that’d be too hardcore for the road safety lot :-)

  3. Well, surely our aim should coincide with that of the Great Leader, Ken, which is to improve road safety by making cars unusable: therefore any programme featuring cars should be banned.

  4. Did anyone see the safety edition of Top Gear, which they made in response to exactly this type of criticism? It was utter class and it was genuinely educational about car safety.

  5. If they do ban Top Gear, please let it be because of the over-scripted nature of the show which Jeremy, Richard Hammond and the other bloke never seem to be able to make look spontaneous.
    That and Jeremy Clarkson’s hairdo!

    But it would break mr. mac’s heart!

  6. Gary

    Heh. It’s appalling, isn’t it?

    I like the programme where little top gear bloke fires cars from a giant air cannon. That rules :-)