All I want for Christmas is an Xbox 360

Details of the next generation Xbox console are finally emerging, and I want one. In particular, I want the rumoured premium version, which will apparently have a decent removable hard drive and backwards compatibility with first-generation Xbox titles. If it exists.

I’m hoping that Microsoft does the smart thing with Xbox 360 and includes its Media Center software, or at least a version of it. We’ve already seen Windows Media Center Extender for Xbox, which enables you to hook an Xbox up to a Windows Media Center network (either by wires or wirelessly), but Microsoft should go further: a next-gen games console with full, TiVo-style functionality would be fantastic and a no-brainer purchase.

On a related note, discussion of the new Xbox design on various gadget sites has led to a rash of postings from some of the more excitable members of the Apple fan community, who’ve dismissed it on the grounds that as the casing is white, Microsoft is clearly ripping off Apple. Perhaps they should pop over to and damn these blatant Apple plagiarists:

OMG WTF they’ve so totally ripped off the iBook!!!!!!!!!

Then again, sometimes they have a point.