Modern life is rubbish

Zachary at Something Awful lambasts internet messageboard geeks in typically unsafe-for-work style:

The Internet has nothing to do with spreading knowledge or learning new things in order to better our lives. More often than not it’s a dick waving contest to see who can be the most insane about video games, movies, or television shows. Do you like games designed by id software? Well, there’s a guy out there who likes games designed by Valve software and he’s living a lie! It’s up to you to find that person and berate them into enjoying id software games because for all he knows he has no idea what kind of video games he likes!

He’s not exactly uncovering big secrets, but he is right. I’ve spent the last few days browsing various boards where X band is better than Y band, X political belief is better than Y one, X operating system is better than Y operating system, and it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that an awful lot of people really need to get out more.