I think I need a holiday

I’m spending too much time following digital music and related hardware: last night I had a ridiculously detailed dream about a new Sony iPod killer that combined video, music and a torch in one simple device. It was a bit like a pair of earphones, but the left hand “phone” was a large blue rectangle the size of a cricket bat, with a torch at the end. And there was a huge battery pack that you had to strap around your waist like a diver’s weight belt. The Video WalkMan had a piano keyboard, lots of flashing lights and on the bit nearest your face, a video screen. Oh, and it was a really horrible, vivid metallic blue.

To sell the device Sony came up with an ad campaign featuring Bono and showing him in two situations: with an iPod, and with Sony’s video WalkMan. So you’d see him on a plane with his iPod, bored and asleep; then you’d see him with an electronic cricket bat strapped to his head, watching the video for Vertigo and rubbing his hands with glee.

I think I need a holiday.





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  1. Sure you do, Gary, sure you do… Just listen to the soothing sound of my voice as you feel yourself relaxing… pay no attention to those nice men in the white coats… ;-)