Hold your breath

Hold your breath is a site about Glasgow’s Clyde Tunnel (it takes its name from the popular kids’ game of trying to hold your breath from the beginning to the end of the tunnel). As the tunnel begins a year’s worth of refitting, the site is asking people for their ideas on transforming one of Glasgow’s ugliest landmarks.

I reckon we should go with this design for the tunnel’s interior, which was created by Raymond (11).





0 responses to “Hold your breath”

  1. I like Raymond’s design too!

    But when I tried to go to the link for the site it took me to a place where I was told I couldn’t download an MP3. What have you been up to? ;-)

  2. Gary

    Oh bum, I mucked up the link. I’ll go fix it now.

  3. Merci Monsieur!

    I’m so freakin’ continental these days!

  4. Holding your breath through the tunnel’s a piece of piss. Unless you’re on foot. You want a real challenge, try travelling on the Clockwork Orange without breathing in the tunnels. Class. I also used to be able to hold my breath on the train from just before Dalmarnock to Cambuslang. That was tricky, but well worth it for the reward of not breathing the air near Dalmarnock station, which is literally an open sewer.

    Anyway, I prefer Nicholson’s design.

  5. Gary

    Pah. Nicholson’s a hack compared to Raymond!

  6. What’s so wrong with being a hack? I like your writing.

  7. Derek

    I can’t believe you have to pay £36 if you break down in the tunnel and the control room staff have to come and help you.

    I’d tell them to bugger off! I’d rather push the car out myself!