One hand on the guitar

If you’ve ever been sitting in front of your computer and only half-listening to a phone call or family member, this excellent post should give you pause for thought.





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  1. Very, painfully, true. In my case it was newspapers. My father just could not stop reading the newspaper to pay attention to me. But I have pictures, taken by my father, where I’m reading a newspaper while my kids are sitting next to me.

    At times I was painfully aware of how quickly they were growing up, and I wished they could remain as they were a bit longer (then felt guilty for wishing something so selfish). But other times I’ve spent too much time on something pretty irrelevant in the bigger scheme of things, and I wish I had played with them more.

  2. Gary

    The post put me in a really sad mood – I think most people have both experienced it, and been guilty of it.