Oh come on, say what you really mean

Trusted Reviews has a look at Sony’s PlayStation Portable (PSP) and says:

Put simply, the PSP is the most important thing to happen in the video game industry since the launch of the original PlayStation… When the PSP launches in the UK, the basic version will retail for £180, which, in my mind at least, is an absolute steal for such an advanced device… this is one product that has to be seen to be believed.

Do you think he likes it?





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  1. I dunno, I’m trying to hear what he’s saying about the kit but all I hear is “Sony 0wnzers my a$$”

  2. If you can’t take the master chief into battle on PSP it could be coated in gold, make me my morning cuppa, look like George Clooney and I still wouldn’t buy it!
    Oh God, that was just a bit too geeky, even for me!

  3. Gary

    Heh. Is it just me, or is “master chief” the worst name for a game character of all time? Maybe I’m biased, because I always hear it as “masterchef” :-)

  4. David

    Halo would have been *such* a different game.

  5. Hee. Now I have a mental image of Ainsley Harriott fighting the flood with lemon juice and chorizo!

  6. David

    There is an issue with the PSP that nobody seems to have mentioned. Basically it is almost completely impossible to play a driving game on a portable. Watch someone playing a PS2 or an xbox with games like GT or PGR and as they turn their bodies will lean in the direction of the corner and the controller will be rotated to as much as 60 degrees in the same direction. I have not seen anyone manage not to do this to some degree and on a handheld the screen would by unviewable for most of the time.

    Another issue is that a lot of people can become frustrated when playing games and will chuck their controller across the room in frustration. Imaging chucking your entire console after getting twatted from behind in a multiplayer game….

  7. Gary

    Have you observed people doing the same on a handheld? It’s not something I’ve seen – the only movement i tend to make when playing games is reaching for beer :-)

    Driving games aside, I do think it’d take serious fuckwittery on Sony’s part to screw this up, though. Price is good, design is good, functionality is good – i’d much rather have a PSP than, say, a portable media center or a video iPod. And I rarely play games.

    Then again, I know sod-all about gamers so it might be a flop.

  8. Gary

    > now I have a mental image of Ainsley Harriott fighting the flood with lemon juice and chorizo!

    Gaaah, the Flood. Hate them hate them hate them hate them hate them.

  9. David

    >>Have you observed people doing the same on a handheld?

    There’s never been a driving game on a handheld that is good enough – so no.

  10. Gary

    I’m wondering whether the behaviour you’re talking about is maybe connected to the medium – so if I’m playing a PC game or Xbox game I tend to try and look round the corner of the monitor or whatever, but handhelds don’t offer the same immersion because they’re too wee.

    Oh, I dont know :)

  11. gusto

    OK. I want one. I’m going to get one :)

  12. David

    They’re wee but they’ve never been decent full 3d before.

  13. Hi Gary,

    Completely off-topic but I thought you might be interested in this.

    A friend passed it to me and it makes for some interesting reading.

  14. Gary

    Ah, thanks for that. Interesting stuff.