Not a good time to buy an iPod

My wife called me earlier, looking for advice: one of her colleagues wants to buy an iPod and is dithering between the Mini and the iPod proper. My advice: don’t buy anything just yet, because the iPod rumour mill is exploding. Think Secret is suggesting a revamped Mini range could be announced tomorrow, while as the Unofficial Apple Weblog reports, things are definitely afoot with iPods in general:

There’s certainly something brewing at Apple HQ. They’re asking dealers to return their remaining stock of iPod photo models, both 40 and 60GB, as well as putting a return order on the U2 iPods.

In addition, Apple Insider reports that iPod photos are conspicuously absent from the planograms in Apple retail stores, though previously they were in good supply. They also report a Motorola executive had some loose lips about an upcoming Bluetooth iPod…





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  1. I presume it’s safe to buy a Shuffle seeing as how they’ve just been launched? A friend is thinking of getting one for her niece’s birthday.

  2. Gary

    Yeah, but if the price cut rumours are true then the mini’s about to get a lot cheaper – which means it’ll be only slightly more expensive than the biggest shuttle. I reckon a basic shuttle is a safe buy, though – although as ever, what do I know?

  3. u r so dum because the reason only i would listen to u if ipod where going to cheaper so come with a better reson

  4. mupwangle

    Did you type that with your face?