Ned comedy

If you don’t live in Scotland, you probably haven’t seen this: it’s Justice Minister Cathy Jamieson announcing a get-tough policy on anti-social behaviour by neds (“Ned” is the Scots equivalent of “yob” or “chav”).

As a letter in today’s Glasgow Herald puts it:

It was comparable to the scene in the Pink Panther film when bungling Inspector Clouseau is busy interrogating the blind beggar about his “unlicensed minky” while all around him there is pandemonium as a bank robbery takes place.

[Photo from the Evening Times site]





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  1. From the moment I saw this I thought it stank of ‘setup’. And since it was front page of the Daily Record, I have to feel that they had something to do with it…

  2. Russ

    to be honest this is just another day in Scotland. The neds own the place. The cities are kept under control by the srong arm of the polis, but the small towns are ghettos of ned domination.

    Still it cracks me up. They are so predictable. The best characterisation of them is the neds in Still Game.

    Gary, does this remind you of going to the Anderson?

  3. Gary

    Ronnie – I think you’re right. Russ – yes :-)

  4. David

    Anderson – no. Caley – yes.