“Don’t rent your music… own it”

That’s the message from MP3Tunes, the latest wheeze from Michael Robertson (the man who founded From the blurb:

MP3tunes differs from other online music services such as Apple’s iTunes and Microsoft’s MSN Music Store because it does not use digital restrictions management (DRM) technology, which restricts how a buyer can use the music. DRM restrictions limit what software or computer can be used to listen to the music and also limit what types of portable players will work. Songs in the open MP3 format, like those found at , are the most flexible for consumers because the songs work with a wide array of software players such as iTunes and Windows Media Player and are also compatible with virtually all digital players or computers, including the iPod series.

So it’s a DRM-free iTunes that works on iPods and Creatives alike, which can’t be a bad thing. Don’t expect to find the EMI or Sony catalogue on the site, but if you like the indier side of things then it’s well worth a look.

Don’t forget Warp Records’ either. In many cases the MP3s were ripped by the artists themselves…

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Frankly this is just hype over nothing. It wont allow me to get a legal copy of Slayer’s classic Reign in Blood and iTunes will. The only real remaining problems are:

1. WMA DRM sucks (too restrictive)
2. Fairplay is pretty good but…
3. 128kbps…. I want lossless Apple Lossless or FLAC I don’t mind, just lossless.

The dude should concentrate on getting Linspire into decent nic.

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