Vote for the world’s best blogs

Public voting for the 2005 Bloggies is now open. There are some great weblogs among the finalists, so even if your favourites aren’t listed it’s worth a visit to the site so that you can see what you’re missing.





0 responses to “Vote for the world’s best blogs”

  1. I finally managed to visit the site today (been unavailable on previous attempts). I’m a bit confused:

    1. Slashdot and Wonkette are *blogs?*

    2. Bringing down an icon of old media (Dan Rather) doesn’t win political blog finalist status? (Oh, I didn’t know about the “rabidly anti-Bush” requirement- sorry Powerline and LGF.)

    Anyway I did manage to find a couple of blogs I like (Policeman’s Blog and Daring Fireball and… actually, that’s it!)

  2. Gary

    1. Apparently so. The word is clearly very flexible.

    2. Nah, it’s the content that matters, apparently.

    Fireball’s ace. Best Mac blog bar none.

  3. Well, whatever floats your boat. I suppose content is a reasonable yardstick (although in that case, I must again query the inclusion of Slashdot) and perhaps it is even arguable that we shouldn’t pander to this dickwaving comparison between old media and new media… but still: one of the main reasons I became more involved in reading blogs was to find out more about what is really happening in Iraq and to get a different slant from the relentless anti-Israel, anti-Bush BBC mantra, and before that I did tend to think of blogging as some sort of mostly irrelevant and self-absorbed self-abuse. I doubt that that view would have been altered if I had used this list of nominees as a starting point (the two I have already mentioned obviously excepted). And if quality of content counts, there can’t be many blogs which outdo Oliver Kamm or Belmont Club on that score.