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Rightio, that’s me added the Haloscan commenting and trackback system to the blog. It should be self-explanatory; unfortunately it does mean that while existing comments are still on the various blog entries, they won’t show up as “Comments [3]” or whatever. Sorry.

One of the main advantages of Haloscan is that you can leave your name without having to sign up for a Blogger account or similar, and you can include a link to your web site as well. Needless to say, blatant comment spam will be deleted…





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  1. I’ve been meaning to get around to that for a while.

    Are you having to pay any royalties to Bob Hoskins?

  2. Gary


    I’m quite taken by Haloscan actually – I’m skint at the moment but when I’m a bit more organised I’ll upgrade to a paid-for account so I can get rid of the ads. I’m also considering hiring a CSS expert to do a redesign of my site – I know exactly what I want to do but don’t have the necessary design expertise to make it happen. Or the time.

    The only downside to changing your comments system is that things are a bit confusing at first – older posts still have the Blogger commenting system. But that’ll sort itself out sooner or later.

    I really need to work out how trackbacks work, though. Too busy just now :(