I’m going slightly mad

I’m making pizza for dinner – proper, home-made pizza rather than a ready-made one – and my subconscious seems to find the prospect very exciting. Presumably that’s why it invented the most annoying advertising jingle of all time and made me wake up with it on a constant loop in my head:

Pizza base!
Pizza base!
La la la la!
Pizza base!





0 responses to “I’m going slightly mad”

  1. David

    And you felt you needed to share this?

  2. Gary

    Why should I be the only one suffering? Liz is – rather unhappily – singing it on her way to work now.

    I might phone you and sing it to you. It’s a brain virus!

  3. What a coincidence: I made pizza on Sunday. I discovered that my bread machine makes pizza dough, which is just bloody fantastic, and I made one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had. My top tip: get a jar of Sacla olive & tomato pasta sauce, add it to a tin of tomatoes, and boil them down to make the tomato sauce for the pizza. And don’t sing.

  4. David

    Is there a link between this story and why I’m not a famous rockstar?

  5. Gary