Guess who’s coming to dinner? Has-beens!

Mark at BoingBoing is rapidly becoming my favourite blogger. Fresh from the earlier triumph of shocked curtain-twitchers, he now brings us this little beauty:

Supper with the Stars is a UK-based company that lets you book former celebrities to come to your house and have a little chat… The only other celeb I recognize is Limahl, lead singer from Kajagoogoo (“Too shy”). “Limahl will talk extensively about his experiences in the music industry and perform many of hit hits in a karaoke style. He will also take part in after dinner party games.”

The list of available stars is brilliant: Syd Little, Keith Harris (it’s not clear whether Orville is part of the deal or needs to be negotiated separately), Schnorbitz (he’d eat you!) and even Brotherhood of Man. Best of all, the site tells you which celebrity (their term, not mine) “suffers from a deadly nut allergy” or can’t stand the thought of eating meat.

The terms and conditions state: “Any endeavour to coax a guest into performing when they do not wish to do so will be considered a breach of contract and the guest may leave immediately with full payment.” And my mental image is complete: a pissed-off Limahl in my front room, trying to escape, while I shout “Sing, fat boy! Sing!” and pelt him with raw meat. Money can’t buy that sort of thing – but now, it can!