Tired, unhappy

“Make sure you’re sitting down before you open this.” Not the subject line you want to see on an email from your accountant; it turns out that I’ve made a complete and utter arse of some tax stuff and as a result, I’ve got until 31st January to find a sum of money that’s even bigger than the sum of money I reckoned I had no chance of raising by then. Maybe I should become a celebrity blogger:

Liberals are wusses! Saddam is evil! Pay with PayPal!

Hmmm. Maybe not.

I think I’ll have to classify this week as a write-off: not only have I landed in deep tax trauma, but I’ve got a bloody sore back, I managed to stab my tongue with a toothbrush while half-awake the other morning, I’ve got writer’s block and there’s the beginning of The Biggest Spot of All Time on my chin.

On a brighter note, I’ve discovered that Java is the crack cocaine of the coffee world. Tasty, too.