Scoble on MSN Spaces

Uber-blogger Robert Scoble has written a fair and balanced review of MSN Spaces:

They state up front “we aren’t done yet” and want your feedback. Do you agree with my list of shortcomings? Do you have any others? Things you’d like to see the MSN Spaces team do?





0 responses to “Scoble on MSN Spaces”

  1. I’d like them to disappear, preferably in a large explosion. I just set up a “mirror” account of my regular Blogger blog in MSN Spaces just to get that MSN “experience” (and to keep my Blog name from being used by another.) Obviously, “Spaces” is a concept that is still-born. NO fonts, NO templates, NO creative input allowed whatsoever from the user. (I guess this is consistent with the MS philosophy.) There is something really disturbing about this – these people actually get paid to create this swill!? I am not a sophisticated computer user, but I could set up and use a Blogger account to my satisfaction by following their instructions (along with a HTML for Dummies book). This MSN “thing” is ugly, stupid and insulting. Oh, and did I say ugly?

  2. I’m not greatly impressed so far either. It’s interesting, though – Microsoft seems to be doing a Google and throwing the doors open to new products long before they’re finished. It’s not just MSN Spaces; they did a preview of their search thing a few weeks ago that was spoilt by the fact it didn’t work. Signs of a new attitude at Redmond, perhaps?