Magazines: what? where? why?

Regular readers will know I’m something of a magazine junkie: in addition to the tech press, newspapers and online publications, I read Private Eye, Word, Q, Uncut, Empire, Total Film, Esquire, GQ, Hotdog, Top Gear, Car… and those are just the regulars. But I’d be interested to know what other people read, and why. Are there particular magazines you can’t live without? Is it because of the writers? The jokes? The practical bits? Something else? I’m fascinated by this stuff, so any comments would be welcome…





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  1. Living in Switzerland makes English Languauge magazines a luxury. Entry requirements to our humble chateau for visitors from English speaking countries include a trash mags for me and a pc or car mag for mr mac. I can but prefer not to live without Celeb trash mags. My only vice!

  2. The only magazine I’ve ever read regularly was Making Music. But I went off it shortly after their change of format and editor a couple of years back.

  3. Ms.Mac, if it’s any consolation my wife shares your addiction :-)

    Squander Two, is MM the same Making Music that you used to get free in rehearsal rooms, music shops etc? It went bust in the end, didn’t it?

  4. Actually, I enjoy your UK mag MOJO. The writing is all over the place, the content varies wildly, and it is a bit of a mess in its layout. BUT it does have a lot of information (music related facts and personalities) and usually it has a good CD included – the October issue had a first-rate Johnny Cash Tribute CD – all this for half the cost of a regular CD.

  5. Yeah, Mojo’s a good magazine – it employs some of the heavyweight music writers in the UK, which is never a bad thing. It doesn’t really do it for me, though – I think because I already get Uncut, that gives me my monthly quota of features about dead people :-)