Ian Pearson is living in the future

One of my favourite interviewees is Ian Pearson, a one-man quote machine who’s one of the most entertaining – and intelligent – people I’ve ever spoken to. As BT’s futurologist his job is to dream up likely scenarios for the future of technology, ranging from everyday applications to evil robots enslaving us all.

If you’d like a quick peek inside Pearson’s giant positronic brain, he’s popped up on the BBC News site to talk about personal body networks, intelligent make-up and other exciting things. As he points out, there are dangers:

If you are wearing smart make-up, where electronics are controlling the appearance, you don’t want people hacking in and writing messages on your forehead.

Pearson’s site is worth a look too: you’ve got to admire a man who bills himself as:

Much more accurate than Mystic Meg, much cheaper, but about the same dress sense.