Anti-bullying scheme backfires spectacularly

Oh dear. It seems that the anti-bullying scheme’s bright idea – persuade kids to wear blue wristbands – has backfired:

school pupils were quick to spot the reality of wearing the wristbands. Writing on the BBC’s Newsround website, Rosie, 13, from London, said: “Ugh… I’m sorry, but in one school near me, it’s made it a whole lot worse… [the bullies] basically thought ‘Hey! Everyone who’s wearing a wristband must be scared of bullying!’ So they decided to bully the people wearing wristbands.





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  1. This is surprising why?

    The quotes from the baffled well-intentioned fuckwits in that article are hilarious.

    “It’s totally sick that something designed to help [insert pet cause] could be used in this way – it completely defeats the object.”

    “I’m disgusted something with such good intentions should end up being abused like this.”

    Yeah. Read any history lately? Or, failing that, met any humans?

    “Wearing the band will give young people the opportunity to make a visible commitment that they are not prepared to tolerate bullying and will stand by their friends.”

    No, no, the commitment bullied kids need from their friends does not take the form of wearing a fucking wristband: they need their friends to gang up on the bullies and beat the shit out of them. The former without the latter is just asking for trouble, whereas the latter works wonders without the former.

  2. Oh, it’s not a surprise – and while I know I shouldn’t find it funny, I do. I feel sorry for the kids being bullied, of course, but the whole scheme does suggest that the people behind it haven’t even the most basic understanding/memory of how schoolkids think.

  3. It’s obviously not funny for the kids, but you do have to laugh at the idiocy of not taking responsibility for your own lack of ability in working out the likely consequences of your actions. It’s our society’s defining insanity: if your intentions are good, the results aren’t your fault, no matter how stupid or damaging the action. It’s ideas that count, not results. PC thinking.

  4. Anonymous

    In our school all of the bullies are wearing the blue wrist bands and the kids being bullied are scared to wear one incase it gets worse!! Something alot more drastic needs to be done to stop evil bullies and not just some piece of rubbish which doesn’t mean squat to no one!!!!

  5. laura

    i got one of the wristbands and all my friends said it was a good idea to get them i think they are a good idea as its not people who are scared of bullies that are wearing them its people who want bullying to stop that is wearing them like me as i was bullied for 3 years and now it has stopped i want to do something for it to stop everywhere

  6. Gary

    Hi Laura, thanks for getting in touch. I didn’t realise that the wristbands were also to show zero tolerance of bullying. Thanks for putting me right.