Terrible name. Awful lyrics. Cheesy nonsense. Great band.

I was dragged along to a new bands thing in Glasgow the other night and while four of the five acts were utterly awful – bad Oasis, bad Megadeth, bad Courtney Love, bad band about whom I can’t remember a single thing despite being sober – one act stood out, despite giving me every possible reason to hate them.

First of all, the band name: Big Love Machine. Speaking to the band post-gig, even they realise that their band name is illegal under International Law.

Secondly, the lyrics. The word “funky” is used. The words “soul sister” appear in one title. They are clearly familiar with the concept of “a jam”.

And yet, they were great. That’s partly because they played 80s MOR metal without irony and with considerable musical talent, partly because they covered Prince’s U Got The Look and clearly loved it (no “look how funny we are, and how talented!” nonsense here), and partly because they finished with a note-perfect (and hugely entertaining) version of Queen’s Somebody To Love. Their own stuff – bad lyrics and dodgy titles aside – fitted in fine and didn’t seem trite or tedious by comparison, and while the vaguely credible part of me screamed in horror throughout, I had a fantastic time.

As far as I know they don’t have a web site let alone MP3s, but they’re gigging around Glasgow over the next few months and should be good, clean, cheesy fun.