Silicon Swansea

Given my constant ranting about firms and government departments that make a complete mess of anything to do with technology, it’s nice to find an exception: the DVLA in Swansea (our equivalent of the DMV, for anyone reading in the US). Instead of queuing in the post office for hours to re-licence the car, you can now do it online.

The process is ridiculously simple. You get a reminder in the post, and you then visit the DVLA web site, pop in the reference number from the reminder, and confirm that the car details on screen are yours. The site then automatically interrogates its database to confirm that you have up-to-date car insurance and an MOT certificate (if applicable), asks you for your debit card details, and sends out a brand new tax disc to your home within five working days. And that’s it. It’s a shining example of how, if used correctly, the internet can make everyday irritations that little bit less irritating.