MPAA to sue movie pirates

New MPAA boss Dan Glickman is expected to announce an RIAA-style wave of lawsuits against movie file sharers later today. Defamer has a typically scathing interpretation:

Glickman took a reflective pause before explaining, “See, the way it works is we dangle the carrot, then when a file-sharer reaches for it, we wiggle the stick so they know what we’re packing, We ask them, ‘Are you sure you want to do that? Didn’t you see the stick?’ And if they insist on going for the carrot, we beat them to death with the stick, you know, just until we can see a little brain through the skull. That’s why you need the stick and the carrot both. It’s really hard to kill someone with a carrot.”

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Stealing movies and music is wrong, I agree. However, you have been raping the consumer for years upon years. Sue yourselves! You have brought this upon yourselves. Paying $13-18 for a CD with 1 or 2 good pieces of music is STUPID to be non-vulgar. To pay $8 or more to sit in a theater is STUPID, again, to be non-vulgar.

I work hard for a living, have a small family, and simply cannot afford to WASTE my money on that crap. Stop blaming your problems on pirates (they usually wouldn’t buy your defecation anyway) and start blaming the correct people: yourselves. The reason: Overcharging for CRAP. Get this: the rest of the world went through a depression. What? You think you are immune? LOL, no, you just saw a way to make a profit during the depression by suing people! You nitwits weren’t doing anything until the depression caught up to you too. CAN YOU SAY SCAPEGOAT?

You are all thieves and whores. You disgust me. I will never support your industries. Suing people is a cheap shot. You are no better than the thief who was injured while robbing a house and sues the house’s owner because he got hurt.

Shove it all up your rear ends,


To the MPAA:

Crying crocodile tears over the ‘writers, artists and musicisans who lose money because of piracy’? Give me a bleep bleep break!

They don’t see a bleeping dime out of the movies once you’ve paid their salaries, or paid the writer his one time fee for writing the script.

Nobody makes money after the movie goes to the theatre except YOU, and YOU, the MPAA, don’t filter a damn centavo back to the creators of the movie, unless they are big name stars that manage to negotiate a percentage of sales. (Or unless they sue and force you pirates to pay them a fair cut for their original, creative efforts).

3 billion dollars lost through ‘piracy’, BULL. The movies ‘pirated’ are ones that would sit on the shelves indefinitely in video stores and never make a sale, or new releases which people want to view without the astronomically priced popcorn, moronic chatter, cell phones blazing in their eyes like beacons, sticky floors and the shape of a head blocking out 1/3 of the view.

If you had any sense, you’d put up your own site, offering new releases for download for a fee and you would collect a percentage off the portals that give access to the P2P networks, like eDonkey etc. And thereby, you, the MPAA, would make some money off your old movie turkeys that would never sell any other way.

You would also sell new releases to people who didn’t want to spend $30 on a marginal dog, or wanted to own a movie they liked.

I’ve got a question for any MPAA rep reading this Blogger. What’s the difference between copying a movie off Cinemax onto a DVD disc using a DVD recorder, and downloading it off a P2P site? The answer is, you, the MPAA, sold Cinemax the rights to present the movie, and got a cut.

So why don’t you do the same thing on the Internet? If a high quality movie is made available for legitimate download, who would care about piracy? Why would I want to buy a pirated copy on ebay or any place else if I could download it legitimately for a reasonable price?

You dinosaurs have left your brains in pre-Cambrian muck. Start making money off the downloading craze, instead of scaring the bleep out of 1 million potential customers who, after this round of lawsuits is finished, will never, ever download a damn thing from YOU even if YOU do provide a legitmate source.

You stupid bleeping morons, are fouling up your own cistern and ruining any potential marketing plans you might have.

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