iPod firmware update

Apple has posted an iPod firmware update, which you can get through Software Update. It adds the Shuffle feature to the iPod Mini’s main menu instead of burying it in a submenu, but there’s still no custom EQ – the one thing that I really miss since moving from a creative player to an iPod.

Here’s the full list of the changes to the Mini’s firmware:

Compatibility with iTunes 4.7 and iTunes Music Store
Shuffle and play song library with one click (using the Shuffle Songs item in the main menu)
Create multiple On-The-Go playlists
Delete songs from On-The-Go playlists
Select reading playback speed for audiobooks
Hear Click Wheel clicker through headphones
Sync and go with improved disconnect performance





0 responses to “iPod firmware update”

  1. Saw this last night on Software Update but didn’t download it because I was too busy trying to rid a friend’s Thinkpad of a particularly nasty bit of spyware. Just to clarify: is it only for the Mini, or for any iPod?

  2. It’s for both, but the changes to the iPod proper are less dramatic: compatibility with iTunes 4.7 and the iTunes Music Store, and improved USB 2.0 connectivity.