3 thoughts on “Seven-character album review: Rammstein, Reise Reise

  1. Ms. Mac says:

    Excuse the ignorance but is that 6 characters or 2 (or even 7 if you count the space)? I don’t like Rammstein at all so can’t imagine it would be 6. And also, I don’t mind the look of the U2 iPod. But that’s just me. Love your blog!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cheeses Kerrist! You record with the Kipper at InvoStealth and give Reise Reise a moothfulla characters. 3rd best album of all time behind ‘Mutter’ and ‘Wee Tam and the Big Huge’.

    We’ll meet sometime,
    Hugs Tressles

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