New iPods: expect the expected

So, the new iPods are out, and there aren’t any big surprises: a new iPod photo, which replaces the standard screen with a colour LCD and enables you to display your photos on a TV, and the U2 iPod, a rather nasty looking red and black effort that seems to have been based on the colour scheme of teenage boys’ bedrooms in the early 1980s. Which may be rather appropriate, come to think of it. Heh.

The U2 iPod comes with the band’s autographs but not the new album. Instead, you get a $40-off voucher for the forthcoming “everything U2 have ever recorded” iTunes download.

The most important thing to me is the improved battery life: 15 hours on the iPod photo if you use it for music only. That’s a big improvement and if it weren’t so much more expensive than the standard iPod, I’d have my credit card out right now.