Must-read: Grumpy Old Men

I’ve just finished David Quantick’s “Grumpy Old Men”, and it’s one of the funniest things I’ve read in years. Not to be confused with the TV programme of the same name, Quantick’s book (subtitled “A manual for the British malcontent”) is a curmudgeonly rant about modern life’s various irritations: wasps (“bastards”), cats (“bastards”), the French, bad restaurants, idiots on trains, people with tattoos, urban cyclists, skateboarders, caravans… they’re all soft targets, of course, but despite the rather hackneyed themes Quantick tears into everything with giddy abandon. The sections on minicabs and on the location of restaurants’ “specials” boards are worth the purchase price alone, and damn near put me in hospital.

[Incidentally, the Amazon link above isn’t an affilliate link, just a link to the book’s info page.]