And you thought the movies that get made are bad

I meant to blog about this a few weeks ago: Query Letters I Love is a ridiculously funny collection of movie ideas sent in by real people to real movie studios. For example:

“A sexually active choirboy at Bob Jones University spreads an ungodly STD to the entire student body during finals week.

CRABS! is a story about teen love, teen sex, and all the teeny creatures in between.

Genre: Comedy/Satire

CRABS! is a teen-spirited satire about a religious university overrun by an unstoppable STD. The main character is Chris, a choirboy whose blossoming libido makes him the epicenter of an unnatural phenomenon. The steroids he takes to strengthen his angelic voice embolden a rag-tag army of Crabs lodging in his underpants to visions of world conquest. Hidden and forbidden sexual needs are exposed on campus as Super Crabs effortlessly blitzkrieg the faithful. When Chris’s exchange student girlfriend is targeted as Pubic Enemy #1, Chris must choose between his singing career and his responsibility to her reputation. Either way, Crabs is an infectious comedy everyone’s going to get in the end.”

I’d probably go to see that.