An iPod for U2?

U2’s iPod ad is doing big business on the Apple site, but there’s also speculation that the partnership will go further: according to rumours, there may be a limited edition black “U2 iPod” released soon. The rumour may well be bollocks, and I’ve lost the link to the article talking about it. Not the best blog entry I’ve ever written, then.

Update, 18 Oct

Think Secret reports on the rumour:

While Think Secret has been unable to confirm this with one-hundred percent certainty, sources say that Apple is planning to release the U2-edition iPod around the week of November 21, when U2’s new album will hit stores. For a small premium over the regular iPod, said to be around $30, the U2-edition iPod will feature a distinctive enclosure and will come pre-loaded with all the band’s major album releases.

Update, again

Macminute reports that something is afoot:

Apple has sent out an invitation to select media announcing a special event to be held next week at San Jose’s California Theater. The event appears to be music related as the invite reads: “Steve Jobs, Bono and The Edge invite you to a special event.” Bono and The Edge are of course members of the popular rock band U2. The band and their new signle “Vertigo” are featured in Apple’s latest commercial for iPod and iTunes. More to follow…