What’s wrong with this picture?

The infamous Washington DC blogger Jessica Cutler has been interviewed in Playboy, and as Gizmodo points out, the magazine may be happy with nudity – but they’ll airbrush out the Apple logo from the top of an iBook.

I do think Playboy is being utterly irresponsible here. Look at that picture: the typing position is all wrong, with the weight of the arms resting on the heel of the hands, too much wrist pronation and excessive stretching of the fingers to hit the keys; placing a laptop on soft furnishings is going to increase the vibration felt in the forearms with each key press; sitting with your back arched is going to put unnecessary strain on the lower back, thigh, neck and shoulder muscles; and that outfit is not going to keep anyone warm for extended periods of blogging. If the blogosphere succumbs to an epidemic of back pain, RSI and the common cold, we’ll know who to blame.