Impenetrable plastic pouches of death

Looks like my experience with the packaging of an M3 Power razor wasn’t unique: as Something Awful points out, such packaging is part of a trend.

Every single vaguely electronic device these days, from removable memory cards to battery-powered cereal spoons, ships in those handy-dandy impenetrable plastic pouches of death created by Lucifer himself in an attempt to raise the national suicide rate by about 10 percentage points. The corporate business world, serving up more evidence that the hottest consumer trend is “manufacturing products that nobody anywhere wants to actually purchase,” has decided the most effective way to prevent people from stealing their 38-cent Korean memory cards is by encasing them in 80 pounds of a titanium-plastic hybrid which can withstand point blank shotgun blasts and most meteorite impacts.

[Note: Something Awful is rarely safe for work]

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Not only is it packaging from hell, but once you manage to slice a bit open, you risk severing a couple of fingers pulling open the rest of it because of the sharp edges. Environmentally unfriendly, a lethal weapon, and just plain annoying…definitely Satan’s invention.

You’re not being cynical enough. This packaging is designed to save money. It’s used on electronic items because, if there’s something wrong with the product and you need to take it back, they’ll want you to return it in the same condition as you bought it, including the packaging. The moment you damage the packaging, you invalidate the guarantee. Well, no, you don’t, legally, but I’m sure plenty of companies are getting away with fobbing off insufficiently pushy customers with this one.

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