Thinking different

So the new iMac finally appears, and (not entirely surprisingly) it isn’t a tablet:

It’s a beautiful bit of design that looks like a big iPod, and there’s some suitably hefty hardware under the bonnet: a quick G5, decent video card, etc etc etc. Prices are slightly cheaper than the previous model, too: according to Apple’s UK site, the 1.6GHz model is £919.


One of the interesting things about the new iMac design is that – to my eyes at least – it makes the eMac look more, not less, contemporary:

It’d be nice to see the new iMac and the current eMac sitting side by side in places such as PC World and Currys (round these parts, retailers tend to stock the iMac and iBook but the eMac is a rare sight); I suspect the iMac would have a halo effect on sales of its cheaper sibling.

I’d still like a headless iMac, though ;-)





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  1. Anonymous

    Yes! Exactly! Why not a headless dome of an iMac? Why must they all have displays? Displays that are tied to that system, so when it’s old and gray but the display is still just fine, you have to pitch* them both? Argh! Seems downright anti-environ-mental.

    Yours truly,

    * by “pitch” I mean “recycle responsibly,” of course**

    ** just remember that recycling is nowhere near as efficient as not wasting

  2. Hi Jacob. That’s a good point actually: the flat panel I’m using as a second monitor for my powerbook has been recycled from a (relatively) old Dell.