Return of the iMac

The new iMac won’t be one of the candy coloured wonders I posted about yesterday; apparently, it’s going to be a “sleeker” version of this Sony machine:

That’s what Think Secret says, and it has full specifications from an apparently reliable source.

The information certainly looks credible, and it fits with the rumours that have been floating around the Web for a while; however, if Think Secret’s source is on the ball then the new iMac will be the same price or even more expensive than the recently canned range. I’m not convinced that’s a good idea: by making well designed but very expensive products, Apple is becoming what Dell boss Michael Dell calls “The Bang & Olufsen of the computer industry”. Personally I’d rather see a well designed iMac without an integrated monitor, as that would reduce the cost of the iMac and tempt many more people into the Mac family.

We’ll find out for sure on 31st August; however, if I were a betting man I’d put money on Think Secret being correct.