Ice Ice Baby

I’ve found that most computer keyboards require far too much force to press the keys – which in my case, means sore hands after even short bursts of typing. Laptop keyboards are much more pleasant, because they use different technology known as “scissor keys”, and I’ve been trying to find a desktop keyboard that uses the same arrangement. In the end, I’ve bought a MacAlly IceKey:

It’s actually my second attempt at the IceKey: I ordered one a few weeks ago but it was faulty. Now I’ve got my hands on a fully working model, I can’t praise it enough. It’s a very fast keyboard and it’s much, much easier on the hands than a traditional desktop keyboard. The IceKey is mac-specific, although similar products are available from PC keyboard manufacturers.


I’ve just realised that more cynical readers may think this post is a blatant bit of promotion in return for freebies; that’s not the case. Unless I indicate otherwise, any nice things I say about specific products are genuine opinions on things I’ve shelled out hard-earned cash for, not PR puffery in exchange for cash, freebies or other considerations. Sadly I’m not important enough for PR firms to bribe :-)