Doom III liveblogging

I had originally planned to do a liveblog on Doom III, typing my thoughts on the laptop as I played the game on my PC. Sadly I had to abandon that idea, because it would have looked like this:

2.00pm Woo-hoo! My PC’s powerful enough!
2.15pm “Insert CD2”. Oh, come on. I want to play!
2.30pm At last! Ooh, nice cut scene.
2.35pm Nooo! It’s crashed!
2.40pm Nooo! It’s crashed!
2.45pm Nooo! It’s crashed!
2.50pm New video drivers. That’ll fix it.
2.55pm Nice cut scene.
3.00pm Why don’t I have a gun yet?
3.05pm Yay! I have a gun!
3.10pm Something bad’s going to happen.
3.15pm Something really bad’s going to happen.
3.20pm Something really, really bad’s going to happen.
3.25pm Aieee! Monsters!
3.30pm Aieee! Monsters!
3.35pm Aieee! Monsters!
4.00pm Aieee! Monsters!
5.00pm Aieee! Monsters!
6.00pm Yay! Plasma rifle!
7-12pm Aieee! Monsters!

The verdict, then? It’s not art, but it’s an effective – and very scary – shooter. It’s tempting to spend all day today playing it, because I’ve actually got ahead of deadlines, but of course that would be a waste of a day. I should catch up on chores, maybe go outside and do some exercise, catch up on my email backlog, post some insightful articles to this blog or do some work on my book. And I’ll definitely do some or all of those things after I’ve had a quick five-minute game of Doom 3. Five minutes and that’ll be it. Definitely.