On the radio again

Unless it gets cancelled – which may happen, the joys of live radio and all that – I’ll be on BBC Radio Scotland’s Gary Robertson show tomorrow morning to talk about protecting kids from scary things on the Internet. The show starts at 10am.





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  1. Well, it wasn’t cancelled; I was on with Paula, the inventor of the Internet and Phone Guard, a £25 box that blocks kids from accessing certain phone numbers – such as their Internet connection. Paula went on something of a plugging frenzy, which was mildly irritating; then again, no amount of self-promotion compares to the human foghorn that is Carol Vorderman.

    I once had the misfortune of being in a radio studio, waiting for my turn to go on-mic, while Vorderman blatantly ignored the presenter’s questions and attempted to turn a reasonably interesting debate into a plug for her latest book. It’s perhaps just as well that she couldn’t see the hand gestures the production team were making as she blathered on, and on, and on, and on.