A slow news day for the Evening Times?

According to the Evening Times, Glasgow is about to get a bar with a difference: unlike other bars, it’ll ban alcohol, smoking and junk food, and it won’t be open after 6pm.

Hmmm. Perhaps the Times would be interested in some of the other interesting, unusual and innovative “bars” in and around Glasgow? There’s the Hillhead Library, a bar that doesn’t sell alcohol but that lets you borrow books; the Underground, a bar that doesn’t sell alcohol but that transports you around the city; or you could try the Pitt Street Cop Shop, where you can’t get booze or cigarettes but you can meet like-minded souls in a trendy, minimalist “cell.”

Either I’m missing out on a whole new world of entertainment, or the Times has tied itself in knots trying to make “man opens Cafe” newsworthy.