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See ya, Saab

I’ve written before about my love of Saabs, but sadly it’s reached the end of the road: I’ve just sold my knackered old 9-5 estate to WeBuyAnyCar.com (who offered me exactly what it’s worth – I was selling it because it wasn’t viable to repair anything any more) and I very much doubt I’ll get… Continue reading See ya, Saab

A blatant plug: independent Saab specialist in Glasgow

I’m quick to moan, so to redress the balance I’ll plug a firm that’s great. If you’ve got a Saab in Central Scotland and you’re not made of money, check out Schoneville Saab in Kilbirnie Place, Tradeston. They’re Saab specialists – the boss, Ken Schoneville, used to be a big cheese at the main dealer… Continue reading A blatant plug: independent Saab specialist in Glasgow

Saab-y days are here again

Every now and then, someone posts a bizarre photograph to the popbitch message board. It’s been going around the Internet forever, but if you haven’t seen it it’s a shot of a chubby bloke kneeling down in a field on a grey day. Two things make it bizarre: one, he’s wearing some sort of corset;… Continue reading Saab-y days are here again

A horrible guitar

I have a weakness for odd guitars I can’t play very well, and while I can’t really indulge it like I used to – purchases such as my much-missed 12-string Fender Strat were in the days of carefree credit card abuse, and I’m more responsible / have less available credit now – I’ll still find… Continue reading A horrible guitar

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It’s Mondeo man!

Long time readers will know that I have a thing for Saab cars: I think the 9-5 Estate is a work of automotive art, my buttocks reckon the seats are the best in the business and I love the interiors, even when they’re orange – as many were in the 80s. Despite all of these… Continue reading It’s Mondeo man!

American cars

When I was away I drove a Dodge Charger, a big dumb car that I’m reliably informed is the choice of annoying people with no class. Which, of course, is why I chose it. And you know what? I loved it. Sure, it doesn’t go around corners, but the Americans have solved that problem by… Continue reading American cars