Study: transition works

The biggest ever survey of trans people in the US has found, unsurprisingly, that transition makes our lives better. Which of course is why we do it, often at great personal cost. And why so few of us detransition, despite what the anti-trans mob would have you believe. Depending on the category, between 94% and 98% of us say that our lives are somewhat or significantly better as a result of social and/or medical transition.

The study, of over 84,000 adults, also confirmed yet again that it’s also pretty crap being trans. The unemployment rate among respondents was six times higher than the general population; 5% have been forced to move home because of anti-trans legislation in their state; and nearly half of respondents who’d had healthcare reported negative experiences ranging from refusal of care to actual verbal or even physical abuse. For so many of us the negatives of being trans are almost entirely due to how other people treat us.