“Walk a mile in her shoes”

Bigots like to pretend that being trans is easy, that it’s something people do on a whim to make themselves more interesting and popular. The reality, of course, is very different, as this piece in Byline Times points out: “Call me Chloe”: the reality of life for my transgender daughter.

I bristle when I hear people talk of the ‘trans debate’ as if my daughter’s right to exist peacefully and safely in the world is somehow up for discussion. But I do wish that all those who think this is a process any young person would ‘choose’ would walk one day in her shoes. It’s not a walk they’d want to repeat.

Being trans is hard. Being young and trans is harder still, and requires a bravery far beyond anything the bigots possess. Culture-war cowards run in packs; trans people often walk the world alone.