“It’s about slammed doors”

The terrible people at ADF, who are behind much of the anti-trans and anti-LGBT+ organising on both sides of the Atlantic, have lost their latest legal case. Their lawyer represented Lorie Smith, a cake designer who refused to make cakes for same-sex couples.

Smith had never actually been asked by a same-sex couple to make a cake. She – or rather, her puppeteers – sued the state preemptively. The move was part of the Christian Right’s ongoing campaign to remove legal protections for LGBT+ people, a war against minorities they’re waging not just in the US but in the UK, in Europe and in Africa.

I thought these remarks, by Lambda Legal’s Jennifer C Pizer, were very true.

This really isn’t about cake or websites or flowers. It’s about protecting LGBTQ people and their families from being subjected to slammed doors, service refusals and public humiliation in countless places — from fertility clinics to funeral homes and everywhere in between.