Straight talking

One of the many irritating things about the endless torrents of anti-trans bullshit is the false distinction between trans people and LGB people, as if trans people aren’t also lesbian, gay, bisexual or any other part of the rainbow. Fewer than 10% of us are straight.

This is something that comes up again and again in large scale surveys of LGBT+ people. For example, according to the UK Government’s National LGBT Survey in 2018, 71% of trans people are gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual or queer; 5.4% are asexual, and 9.4% are straight. This aligns with previous surveys in the US that found 60% to 70% of trans people did not consider themselves to be straight.

Anyone who tells you trans rights are in conflict with LGB rights is lying to you. Most trans people aren’t just the T in LGBT+: they’re the L and the G and the B (and the Q and the A).