The hate slate

The unprecedented legislative attacks on trans people, particularly teens, in the US are horrific. Writing in Jewish Currents, Jules Gill-Peterson explains why there are so many anti-trans bills being introduced by Republican lawmakers and what ideology is behind them.

the right-wing proponents of this legislative avalanche have greater ambitions than mere electoral dominance. As HB 1476 shows, this legislative tactic is an attempt to use trans people as a pretext for a broader reformation of civil life and citizenship to advance an authoritarian, Christian state policy on sex and gender. From this vantage point, it shares its strongest affinities with antisemitic, Islamophobic, and New Jim Crow-era anti-Black politics

…It is no coincidence, then, that Islamophobic, anti-Black, anti-immigrant, antisemitic, evangelical Christian, and white nationalist groups all find themselves on the same side of this issue