“Targeting children. Who does that? Well…”

There’s a very good piece in the LA Times by LZ Granderson about the US Republican anti-trans bills.

Well, if you follow the money and the lawsuits, the Alliance Defending Freedom is a good place to start looking for answers.

…This isn’t the first time ADF has attacked the LGBTQ community. The organization supported banning gays from the Boy Scouts and the military. It has linked homosexuality to pedophilia. It fought to criminalize same-sex relationships in Texas. In Europe, ADF is supporting the forced sterilization of transgender people. And the same-sex wedding cake case that found its way to the Supreme Court? Yeah, the group was involved with that as well.

…These are coordinated efforts by conservative organizations such as ADF, the Family Research Council and the Heritage Foundation to limit the rights of some people. This movement is driven by elected officials who are comfortable targeting transgender children in exchange for endorsements, campaign funds and, ultimately, reelection.

As Granderson points out, “most lawmakers introducing these bills cannot point to other cases happening in their state.” They, or rather the Christian Right, are pushing supposed solutions to a problem that doesn’t exist.